Outdoor Lighting


Cabral Irrigation, Inc offers landscape lighting. Our designers are familiar with the plantings used in landscape design. They know the mature size, shape, color, flowers, and usual spacing of those plantings, and can recommend fixtures which will create beautiful nightscapes.

They may also recommend remote control of various groupings, so that you can enjoy a variety of “looks” as you spend relaxing evenings outdoors.

Let Cabral Irrigation, Inc. Install Outdoor Lighting To Your Home.

Professionally landscaped homes are transformed in to spectacular showplace at night, when illuminated with outdoor lighting.

Artful gardens, dramatic trees, waters ponds features will come alive with visual excitement at dusk with outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Is a Smart Investment.

  • LIGHT ADDS VALUE : A Beautiful lighted yard will increase the value of your property. So you can enjoy its benefits now and greater value when its time to sell.
  • LIGHT ADDS TIME : Lighting leverages your landscape investment by extending the hours you can spend relaxing outdoor.
  • LIGHT ADDS SAFETY : Nightscapes fixtures illuminate steps, walkways, and driveways, creating a safer environment for your family and friends.
  • LIGHT ADDS BEAUTY : Accent lighting of your trees and flowerbeds through Nightscapes applications allow you to enjoy your property even at night. An aura of elegance surrounds your property while you’re in a safe and secure environment.