Irrigation Products

Soil Moisture Sensor Kit
Turns any controller into a smart controller.

The Rain Bird SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor kit adds closed-loop feedback to irrigation systems, conserving water through on-off system control based on digital measurement of the soil’s volumetric water content.

How It Works:
The sensor takes soil moisture readings every 10 minutes. When the sensor detects dry conditions prior to the normal watering cycle, that cycle is allowed. When the soil moisture is above the set threshold, the watering cycle is suspended to avoid wasting water.


Hunter Solar Sync Sensor

The Solar Sync continually gathers on-site solar and temperature data used in the calculation of evapotranspiration ( ET ) the determines watering requirements. The module automatically calculates these water requirements and makes adjustments taking into account your regional weather characteristics.

dripbeautyDrip Irrigation
Save Water, Prevent Iron Stains

When it comes to keeping your flowers, shrubs and trees healthy and looking their best, your professional contractor knows that Rain Bird Drip is his ‘ and your ‘ best choice. Unlike conventional “spray” systems that work great for lawns and more open expanses, drip products water at a much more localized level, at or near plant root zones. They minimize runoff and eliminate over-spray onto windows, walks or streets. They are ideal for planting beds of all sizes. Plus, the slow, consistent application of water from a drip system helps plants to thrive.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgHunter Pro-C Controller
A complete family of full-featured residential and commercial controllers.

With its ability to customize to the particular size you need (from 3 to 15 stations), the Pro-C will always be the right choice. A modular system also makes inventory a breeze’there are only three different units to stock (indoor cabinets, outdoor cabinets and station modules). But, modularity isn’t all this controller has to offer, with great features such as three programs with multiple start times, independent day scheduling options, “one touch” manual start and rapid advance, a programmable event day off, robust heavy-duty locking plastic cabinet, and superior surge protection. Pro-C: delivering maximum flexibility for landscapes that require a minimal number of stations.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg (1)Hunter PGP Rotors
The world’s best-selling rotor for residential and light commercial applications.

Why settle for second best when you can have the sprinkler by which everything else is measured? The PGP® is Hunter’s original product, the item that put the company on the map in 1981. Its exceptional design and impressive performance placed the rotor a cut above back then, while continuous improvements and enhancements have allowed it to remain the number one selling rotor in the world ever since. With the superior ability to deliver even water distribution from precision engineered nozzles, this sprinkler is unequaled for reliability, durability, versatility, and value. With its patented features and Hunter’s years of experience in gear-drive technology, it’s no wonder the PGP remains the professional’s choice.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg (2)Rainbird 1800 Series Pop-Up Sprays
The industry’s leading series of spray sprinklers for turf or shrub applications.

With Rain Bird® 1800 Series and UNI-Spray Series Spray Heads, you no longer need to have a green thumb to have a beautiful landscape. These durable, dependable spray heads work like magic to meet all your yard’s watering requirements, year after year. Whether they are used in small or large grass areas or in flower beds, Rain Bird Spray Heads will do the job right.

ValvepartsQuick Disconnect Valve assembly

This valve assembly makes it easy to add on to your irrigation system or make repairs.


phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg (3)Rainbird DV Series Valves

An economical irrigation valve for residential and light commercial applications.

Even in harsh soil or dirty water conditions, non-clogging DV Valves ensure consistent performance for healthy, lush landscapes.



  • Unique balanced-pressure design and contoured flow path provide efficient operation for a long life.
  • Spray-free internal bleed offers convenience and water-savings.
  • Heavy-duty construction protects against temperature extremes and high water pressure.
  • Available in globe or angle configuration.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg (4)Hunter Mini-Clik Rain Sensor
The world’s most simple, accurate, rugged and reliable rain sensor.

There’s nothing more embarrassing – or more wasteful or costly – than an irrigation system that runs when it doesn’t have to: in the rain. Mini-Clik® provides the simplest, most effective way to prevent sprinklers from coming on during or after precipitation. It easily installs on any automatic irrigation system, then shuts sprinklers off in a storm and keeps them off, automatically compensating for the amount of rainfall that occurred.

Disks absorb water and expand proportionally to the amount of rain that fell (e.g., a small cloudburst would result in little absorption, a 6″ thunderstorm would lead to more absorption and expansion). As the moisture-laden disks expand, they eventually activate a switch that interrupts the circuit from the controller to the solenoid valves. Once dry, they contract and release the switch. Thus, Mini-Clik automatically resets without ever affecting your controller. There’s no better way to ensure that a system isn’t watering when it isn’t necessary.

Conveniently Stores A Garden Hose Just Below Ground Level 

Looking for a convenient way to store a garden hose out-of-sight and still have it available instantly for use? Now there’s a handy way to do it, thanks to the new HosEnclose™ below-ground hose storage system from Carson Industries.